Joel Kahn

Man this place is tops. Quality food at the a good price. Lovely people and service. Wish they opened in Sydney! Must try for all (even meat eaters).

Yen Kooy

I’m very happy to find this place. Food is great, price is good, a lot of options and staff is friendly. I like how they keep their rice. No public holiday surcharge.

Zada Farhat

Good food, healthy and great value. The staff are genuinely nice. Lots of tasty dishes to choose from.

Cynan Brace

Really enjoyed my first time here! Highlights included crispy lemongrass tofu and the laksa. Just remember that you need to b.y.o if you want to drink alcohol. Thanks very much we will definitely return!

Shan Sai

Excellent food at affordable prices. Laksa was our personal favorite!! Friendly staff and ample parking space.